Professional Indemnity for Architects

Professional Indemnity Insurance For Architects

As an architect, you spend a lot of time and effort ensuring that everything is perfect. It is only natural that you would want to protect your work as well as your reputation. Professional indemnity insurance for architects provides peace of mind, because it can cover the cost of legal defence fees and compensation payments if you make a mistake in your design or advice.

If the worst should occur, errors in your work can be very costly and time-consuming to put right. As well as their own legal costs, your clients could also claim the cost of rectifying mistakes. You could even be at risk of being sued by third parties, such as building contractors or tenants, and having to pay compensation to them.

Why Choose Us For Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional indemnity insurance protects you against legal fees when defending a claim, as well as any compensation or costs granted to your client.

At we provide insurance cover for architects and those within professional services that provide specialist advice. We understand our clients’ needs and have a history of success in matching your unique needs to a policy that provides the correct insurance coverage for your business.

Our professional indemnity insurance is one of the most affordable premiums available on the internet.