Professional Indemnity for Media Professionals

Media Professional Indemnity Insurance

As a media professional, you do not just play with words. You also play with your reputation. Because when it comes to media risks, getting sued for defamation is not unheard of. Neither is breach of intellectual property rights. Professional indemnity insurance is designed to protect you from the financial costs of being sued for an unintentional breach of professional duty – and that is why it is important to get professional indemnity insurance for media professionals.

If you are a journalist, blogger or photographer and someone believes their rights have been breached by something you have written or photographed, they can bring a claim against you in the courts. This is what is known as a professional liability claim and there are some hefty costs associated with defending this sort of claim.

Legal defence fees can run into thousands of pounds quite easily and if you do not have these funds readily available, a professional indemnity insurance policy could be your best friend if the worst occurs. The policy can cover not only your legal defence fees but also damages that may be awarded by a court should the case be found against you.

Why Choose Us For Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional indemnity insurance protects you against legal fees when defending a claim, as well as any compensation or costs granted to your client.

At we provide insurance cover for media professionals and those within professional services that provide specialist advice. We understand our clients’ needs and have a history of success in matching your unique needs to a policy that provides the correct insurance coverage for your business.

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