We pride ourselves on responding to our clients’ professional indemnity insurance requirements promptly and over the years we have striven to provide all our clients with a good quality service. The quality of our client testimonials is a reflection of this.

Here’s what some of our clients have said:

Let me take the opportunity to say how much this company values Brunel as our brokers; and your help in particular with the wording of our appointments which, as we both know only too well, has become increasingly onerous in this profession in recent years.

My best regards to Dylan and to all those I have dealt with in Brunel. Thank you again.


A note of thanks for all your help and support in getting this matter resolved.

XXXXX informed me that your written response to our Insurers was XXX  in changing their minds.

Many thanks to you both and to all members of your Team who have assisted in bringing this to a conclusion.

I now need something else to worry about!!!

Civil Engineers

Claim was initially not paid by insurers…..

Having picked myself off the floor having fallen off my chair – quite unexpected but a nice Xmas present, thank you!

Chartered Surveyors

Brunel quotes for PI have always been competitive and again they have exceeded our expectations on renewal by going the extra mile and achieving further savings on our premium.

All this achieved with no loss in customer service – and first class advice on level of cover required by our Institute.

Chartered Accountants

Have a great afternoon and thanks for the presentation on Monday…..I found it really useful and have already used the knowledge learned.

Insurance Brokers

“Brunel Professions have dealt with our Professional Indemnity requirements for the last couple of years and we have found them to be extremely professional, expeditious in what they do and approachable, proactively offering advice in how to complete the proposal forms in order to obtain the most competitive quotes and importantly obtaining quotes far in advance of the October 1st deadline to ensure that everything has been in place early to avoid panic. We have been offered free training to improve our risk control and advice when we have needed it has always been readily available. A top service all round.”


I have to say I have been extremely impressed with the diligent way that you have looked after me and whilst there have never been any Claims, the support and advice that you have given me over the years has been excellent, and should there be an occasion to give a recommendation for your Company, it would be given.

This is indeed great news.  I do not need to tell you just how traumatic the events of the last three months have been for me & my staff.  I also wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all of your efforts on my behalf (& that of my staff) and for sticking with me over the last few weeks, when others have walked away – this is much appreciated. 

Chartered Surveyors

“It was a hard decision for us to make as our holding brokers came in with a quotation slightly more and we do have a connection. However, I think meeting the Underwriter with yourself and being able to discuss things with you both was very helpful and we have been impressed by your proactive approach.”

Independent Financial Advisers

Please confirm the order and I want to thank you for your assistance in securing these terms for us, it is much appreciated, I know it isn’t always a stroll in the park, so cheers.

From a PI Broker/Competitor

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Sally for the work you carried out in this dispute and for ensuring our fee contribution was promptly paid by XXXX. For your information we received a payment of £26,000.00 into our bank on…”

Insurer did not want the insured to pursue their Client for fees and provoke a counterclaim…

“With huge thanks for all of your help and support, despite the Insurers reluctance.  I am truly grateful for all of your help with both dealing with the Insurer on my behalf, and of course all of your experience guiding me through the legal maze”.
Architects (Claim settled by Insurers after they initially refused)

On a separate note Matt is been absolutely brilliant helping us out with a very difficult client on warranty wording at Leeds City Campus.  I have e-mailed him a thank you, but just to let you know we are so glad we renewed with you again!


“Just a quick note to thank you for the various feedback provided on our project appointments over the last month or so – much appreciated”

Chartered Surveyors

I am going on leave from today until the New Year, and just wanted to thank you for your enormous efforts in helping us this year. This comes from the whole Partnership, and in particular from myself and Nikki. I know that without your help we would have been in a very different place, with a great deal more PI cases and much higher levels of stress.

Personally I would like to thank you for always being prepared to give me the time to talk through situations and circumstances, and I am extremely grateful for the patience you have shown.

Chartered Accountants

Thanks for training today.  Nice to have some clear concise simple guidelines 🙂

Insurance Brokers

Well done for fighting so hard all the way and keeping going; you have done both your practice and your clients proud.


Please also thank RSA for being supportive; as you know we are loyal too when it comes to such matters and look for quality of service and support, and continuity of relationships ahead of the cheapest premium.

Chartered Surveyors

I cannot tell you how touched I am to find a very helpful and a professional Lady who is willing to help and knows how to do it Not many around!!!!    I am not forgetting Carol, who is equally in that league.

I would always feel very privileged to have experienced this event, no matter what!

Independent Financial Advisors

Thank you very much for your professionalism, patience, proactivity and kindness during this whole process.

As I said over the phone, I am thrilled with the service you provided, always delivering what you promised, keeping contact, super-efficient and always with a smile … in spite of me always being so late in replying.

You were so much more professional and friendly than your competitors.

Interior Designers

Brunel Professions are a highly professional and skilled specialist in the professional indemnity insurance market, they have strengths in broking, claims handling and risk management and utilise all of these to achieve real value for their customers. As an underwriter dealing with Brunel on a day to day basis, I know that their professional approach results in strong relationships between insurer, broker and client.

Head Underwriter at Lloyds Syndicate

I only wish that all business dealings were as well handled.

Chartered Accountants

I would just like to say that I have found the service provided by Brunel and in particular Carole Brown to be excellent and that whenever I have raised a query, no matter how pedantic, it has been dealt with immediately. Who could ask for more?


“I am very happy to confirm that the service which you have provided has been excellent and the whole process of changing my PI cover across to Brunel has been as trouble free as I could possibly have hoped that it might be.

The help and advice given throughout the process has been very much appreciated and the cost of the cover was as competitive as I could have wished for.

Thank you very much for your assistance throughout”

Chartered Surveyors

I would like to note my appreciation of your help, guidance and support in relation to this renewal and am pleased that we will be continuing our relationship with Brunel.

Chartered Accountant

“GREAT JOB on this, really great service and Brunel defiantly have a keeper”

Insurance Broker

“I ascertained from Dylan Hughes what information he would normally require from a firm and realised that much of the information that he required to see had never been requested from me by my previous broker. In my conversations with Dylan I sensed a greater deal of professionalism and decided that I wanted him to act on my behalf exclusively.”


Your help, support and guidance have been invaluable to us.

Independent Financial Advisors

The service which you provide is 100% professional at all times, and you always focus on putting the client first.  You are willing to go the extra mile when required to look after the interests of your clients and at the same time are always fair and open minded with QBE/Insurers when views may differ.

It is a pleasure working with you and makes life easier as you know what you are doing, completely on top of things, and fully understand the needs of your clients.  

Household name insurer (QBE)

“By the way, thanks for all your help and advice over this renewal; the competitive premium certainly helped but it was the standard of advice, explanation and general support that made me change brokers for the first time in many years”


Thanks for this.

Further to our telephone conversation, I just wanted to mention how happy both Sheila and myself have been with dealings with you. We have found both you and insurers to be informative and helpful throughout and long may that continue. It is certainly much more professional and helpful than dealings with previous firms.

Consulting Engineers

“Thank you very much for your help this afternoon – so good to receive clear concise advice in an understandable format”

Chartered Surveyors

That’s perfect. The client sends a big thank you for your speedy response.

Insurance Brokers

“James, I can’t thank you enough. Your service was excellent and your co-operation since the last week and a half has been astounding. I would recommend you and Brunel Risks to all my friends and colleagues. I will be coming back to you to talk to either yourself or one of your colleagues who deal with Lexcel accreditation. If you have a form to complete I would be happy to obliged by completing it and returning it to you.”


We moved our corporate PI Insurance business to Brunel after some years of searching for a broker who would  not despair that we are not only not  an easy risk to place, – we carry out inspection work typically on high value structures, and perceived high risk structures and properties around the globe, and as an international Group need cover in all territories worldwide, but would also be comfortable that they could place business as carry out our inspections using instruments and techniques that are not well known.

Brunel handled this simply, by the taking the unusual step of placing us in direct conversation with Underwriters, under the guidance of Sue Cooper who has handled our account, so that we and they would reach a common understanding of the nature of the risks, and the information need to value the risk. This has controlled and contained the previously mounting cost of achieving adequate cover for our operations in both Europe and the Americas. Although the market is hard to gauge, my impression is that we achieved savings Sue organisation of the order of at least 25 -30%.

We have developed a trust and understanding which I expect will serve our Group well in the future.

Their back room service is equally slick and efficient, and they have handled not only our account, but also the only claim we have made in 35 or so years of trading, with the same slick efficiency as their brokerage, minimising sweat for me and cost for the insurers.     

Chartered Surveyors

“Brunel have a reputation of getting phenomenal deals and other brokers fear them”

Household name Insurer

“Having stayed with one Broker for over ten years, this year I was advised that the premium had increased fourfold, and without claim or even notification of any issue. I was told that this was the minimum premium for the company. More disappointingly I found that what I believed was a big Broker only dealt with a restricted number of Insurance Companies, and all were in the same price range – or more. I luckily was forced to look around. I was greatly relieved therefore to obtain the much more reasonable quotation via yourselves and very impressed at the speed of service. Many thanks.”

Chartered Surveyors (Survey and Valuation)

Once again you have proven to add value to the provision of PI beyond what I expect for the money we pay. Thank you. Please use us as a reference if so required.


“I would just like to add that to date I have found you to be one of the most professional organisations that I have dealt with and I thank you and your colleagues for your professionalism to date on the handling of our claim.”

Chartered Surveyor on (claims handling)

We had a lengthy session with XXXX yesterday evening who were shocked to receive the news that our cover had been placed with Brunel for our pi. They could not believe that the policy that you have found, and claimed that they had also spoken to our new insurers!

They were even more bowled over to hear that other providers had also provided terms, and again advised that they had been to see the others as well!

Once again thanks very much indeed for your help this week, it is greatly appreciated.

Engineers (Same Insurers, different deals…)

“Please accept our thanks for your assistance, which was found to be extremely useful by Darryl in regard to resolving this matter with our Client”

Chartered Surveyors

“That’s why I told him to deal with professionals. Thank you. Owe you a glass of wine”


Thanks again Sue. Really good of you to fight our corner!

Chartered Surveyors

I spoke with XXXX, XXXXX and XXXXXX – all who gave glowing reports of dealing with your company. Reassurance for us also that one of them had been with you for over 10 years and were very happy with the service you provide.


“Dear Sirs, I must express my gratitude for your prompt and efficient service regarding my PI insurance. I sent a copy of my normal renewal form to you on Thursday – by Friday evening you had saved me over a third of the premiums I was paying through my previous Broker, provided new cover and I had received useful advice re future possibilities. I am most impressed by the level of service and would not hesitate to recommend you to others seeking advice re PI insurance.”

Chartered Surveyors

Still haven’t quite come down after Tuesday’s judgements.

Ted’s not at work today but spent the whole day yesterday with a great grin on his face.


“You’re a star! Without a doubt the best service I’ve experienced with PII broker’s. I will certainly be recommending you whenever I can. I have many friends in larger practices and I know they often use local brokers!”

Chartered Surveyors

“Jodie, perfect, professional, efficient. Oh I wish the rest of my world operated in the same manner.”

Insurance Brokers

I would like to place on record our sincere thanks for the assistance provided during renewal of our PI insurance. From initial contact to completion of documentation the professional approach to any and all queries coupled with a “customer first” ethos shines through. Senior Account Broker, James Page and all the Brunel team provided accurate, timely information necessary to allow informed decision making while demonstrating a real understanding of our professional services of the like not experienced from other brokers.  We also had a number of options placed before us with guidance provided every step of the way. We have no hesitation in recommending Brunel Professions

Chartered Surveyors

Having decided to test the market after a long period with the same Professional Indemnity Insurance Broker we elected to place our requirements with Brunel Professions.

The decision was made, not merely on cost, but on the quality of the discussions we had with James Page, Senior Account broker, who clearly understood our sector needs, the promptness and thoroughness of response to our queries and a willingness to clarify detail in the proposal.

Since placing our PII through Brunel the quality of service has remained at the high level experienced I would have no hesitation in recommending them.


Thank you so much for all your time today, you have been a wee star and I love you dearly for that.

Insurance Brokers

May I finally thank you for your assistance on this matter and for securing what can only be termed an “excellent result”.  Much appreciated.

Chartered Surveyors

Thank you very much indeed for placing our insurance cover this week.

The efforts that you have gone to in such a short space of time, it is greatly appreciated, as we were not sure what to do this time last week.

The fact that you have placed cover so quickly is brilliant.


May I thank you and your team for the tireless work you have carried out in such a short space of time it is very much appreciate, I look forward to working with you and your team over the coming years.

Chartered Surveyors